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Supported to All Web browsers

When BlockerX3 is active and you attempt to access a blocked website, instead of loading the site, you will typically see a message or page indicating that the website has been blocked or restricted.
Secure Browsing:

Automatically block porn sites and content.

Are you tired of accidentally stumbling upon pornographic websites or explicit content while browsing the internet? Our “BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker” app can help. With our advanced technology, we automatically block access to all pornographic sites and content, giving you the peace of mind to browse the web without the risk of exposure to explicit material.

Our app is designed to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of pornographic content. You no longer have to worry about your children or other loved ones accidentally coming across inappropriate content while using your devices.

Our BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker is easy to use and runs silently in the background, By our AI Blocking algorithm ensuring that you’re always protected. our app not limited by Safari Browser only, we are block content across every browsers like Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo, Brave, Firefox and more, also supported to every apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac book, iMac etc. 

Download our BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker” now and experience a safer, more secure internet browsing experience across every web browsers.

block any websites manually

Protect your online presence with our Custom Site Block technology.

If you’re looking to block specific websites that may not be caught by the automatic filters, our BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker” app allows you to manually block custom websites. This feature gives you more control over the types of content you want to block and ensures that you can prevent access to any websites that you feel may be problematic or triggering for you. With custom website blocking, you can tailor the app to your specific needs and preferences, creating a personalized experience that helps you stay focused on your goals.

In Safari settings, under the "Content Blockers" section, you will find BlockerX3 listed as an installed content blocker. You can enable the toggle switch next to BlockerX3 to activate its content blocking functionality for Safari.

Protecting against unwanted exposure

A "BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker" app can prevent unwanted exposure to explicit content, helping users to avoid temptation and addiction.

Helping overcome addiction

A "BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker" app can be a valuable tool for individuals struggling with addiction, helping to break the cycle of dependence and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Reducing distractions

Pornographic content can be distracting and lead to decreased productivity. A porn blocker app can help users stay focused and achieve their goals.

Encouraging healthy online habits

By blocking access to explicit content, a "BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker" app can encourage healthy online habits and promote responsible internet use.

Providing peace of mind

A "BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker" app can provide peace of mind to users who are concerned about unwanted exposure to explicit content or who want to protect their children from accessing such content.

Protects privacy

A "BlockerX3 The Porn Blocker" app can protect your privacy by blocking pornographic content on your device

Our community says.

I recently downloaded this blockerx3 app and I am extremely impressed with its capabilities. it block a large number of adult websites.
Tempestt Schmidt92xach
I am immensely thankful for discovering this app and I'm now porn free! My self-confidence has grown significantly as a result.
Zexi Huai63
Everything works, the functionality is done to the conscience. I hope that the application will continue to develop.
Haeli Lunde